A Message from the President


Every successful company has the one element that brings this success – good people.

All companies are people-driven, so it stands to reason that we should invest sufficient time and resources into ensuring that every person we hire or contract is competent. Unfortunately, most of us are not in the “people” business and are too wrapped up in production or service concerns to always properly assess or hire the right staff, or to define what we want from our personnel agency or from contracted personnel.

Fortunately, we are in the people business, and we do understand these things.

Global Human Resource Centre Inc. was founded in 1991, and we have spent the years since honing our human resources skills and refining our methodology.

Our state-of-the-art testing, results oriented staffing consultants, and a system that ensures that you get people who are capable, can give you a competitive advantage in finding a great workforce. I believe that one call to Global will set your business on a path to success. On your behalf, we can administer cutting edge tests to potential new full-time hires, we can send you excellent temporary staff, and we can help you to find high caliber contract staff. We can also offer you full payroll services.

I am proud of all of our staffing professionals, and I invite you to call us, so that you, too, can use our experience and competence to help you get the job done.

Remember at Global,