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Do I have to pay to work with Global?

There are no costs to apply for a job or work with Global. Our job is to perform the screening and interviewing of candidates to see if you meet our criteria and the needs of our clients. If you are a match, we will place you in a temporary or permanent position that suits your skills and experience at no charge to you.

How does the job placement process work?

The job placement process starts by filling out the online application and/or uploading your resume on our website.

A Global representative will contact you if your application is a match for any open positions. We will verify your references and you may be asked to complete a skills assessment and job-fit analysis. If you meet our hiring criteria, you will be presented to clients for consideration. Some clients may require drug and background checks prior to starting your assignment.

Does Global continue to support me after I start a job?


We want you to be successful at your new position, so we will touch base with you frequently. If you are on a temporary assignment that is about to end we will contact you to determine your availability for a new position.

What formats do you allow for resume upload?

PDF (Portable Document Format), RTF (Rich Text Format), and TXT (Plain Text).

What browsers are supported?

Our website supports the latest Chrome, ios + Mac Safari, Firefox, and Edge browsers.

How can I submit my application to a particular office?

Job postings are divided by specific branch. Please choose the branch of your choice from the navigation and apply for any of the positions listed on the branch page.

What are the benefits of working with Global?

Global works hard to make sure all our employees, including temp, part-time and contract employees, are paid fairly, on time, and have access to anything they need to enhance their work experience with us.

How long do temporary assignments last?

There really is no definitive answer for this. Temporary assignments will vary depending on the employer, the type of job, seasonality and various other factors.

A temporary assignment can last as little as one day and be as long as many months.

When my assignment ends, will I be offered others?


If your job assignment was a positive experience for you and your employer your Global consultant will work to find you other opportunities that match your needs as well as those of our clients.

Why should I accept temporary assignments?

Working a temporary assignment helps you:

• Gain skills and job experience
• Try jobs in different fields to see what best fits you
• Build a network
• Enjoy flexibility