About Us

Global Human Resource Centre was founded in January, 1991. A dynamic personnel company offering a variety of services, Global has helped businesses across Canada with their staffing and contract personnel issues.

We began our business by servicing the Greater Toronto Area, but quickly expanded our servicing range to other Ontario centres, and service many provinces today as well.

Our Services:

  • Temporary Industrial, Clerical and Administrative Personnel Services
  • Contract Personnel Services
  • Permanent Placements
  • Full Payroll Services
  • Professional Applicant Testing

Now a multi-branch company, Global ensures full compliance with all applicable Federal and Provincial legislation, WSIB, and Ministry of Labour regulations. We are especially diligent with regard to worker safety. Our commitment to service will result in clients who are well satisfied with both our approach toward their personnel needs, and with the candidates supplied.

In Ontario’s current business climate, it is important for a company to have at its disposal a dedicated and professional human resource specialist. Global Human Resource Centre is that specialist. Each order we receive from you will be given the first class attention that you have every right to expect. Whether you are looking for qualified long or short-term temporary personnel, for contract personnel, or to simplify your company‚Äôs human resource needs by outsourcing your staff, Global is able to meet that need. We can show you that at Global.