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GHRC Temporary Employee Staffing Service

Temporary employees offer a cost-effective and flexible solution for scaling a workforce up or down based on your business’s needs. If your company needs to ramp up for a busy period or a spike in demand, has seasonal work, a project to complete, or needs someone to cover for an extended absence, temporary employees are the solution for you.

At GHRC, we offer temporary staffing solutions to companies of all sizes. We specialize in industrial, clerical, and administrative services but have experience in placing temporary personnel in many other fields. As a trusted, Canadian-owned company we have worked successfully to meet the temporary staffing needs of our clients for over 30 years.

Why choose GHRC for your temporary staffing needs?

Don’t get lost in the shuffle by choosing a big company or make the mistake of trusting a company without a proven track record. We are an experienced boutique agency that gives all of our clients the attention they deserve. We will work with you to find a customized solution to your exact business needs.

How it works

Connect with us

Our staff will work with you to understand your requirements and find a customized solution.

We hire for you

We use our proven processes and extensive database to find the right employee to suit your needs.

Simple payments

We make billing easy by calculating all deductions and remittances. You simply pay the invoice.

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