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Contract Employee Staffing

Contract Employee Staffing

Global Human Resource Centre offers contract staffing solutions to companies of all sizes. We specialize in industrial, clerical, and administrative services but have experience in placing contract workers in many other fields. As a trusted, Canadian-owned company we have worked successfully to provide contract workers to our clients for over 30 years.

Fixed-term Contract Staffing

Working with Global Human Resource Centre to fulfill your contract staff requirements means you get full-time personnel on a fixed term without the burden of employer remittances, T4 slips, records of employment, payroll, or audits. We pay fixed hourly rates that offer your company cost certainty in a rapidly changing job market and economy.

Seasonal Contract Staffing

Our contract staff service offers flexibility by allowing Global Human Resource Centre workers to cover short or long-term peaks in your business cycle, without you having to assume employer obligations such as remittances, T4 slips, records of employment, payroll, or audits.

Benefits of Contract Employees

By using our contract employee staffing services, your company maintains an arms-length relationship with your workforce, as they are our employees, and the employer burden is ours.


Should you choose, we will work with you to seamlessly transition any employee from contract to full-time.


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