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  • Access to our database of workers and skills at an all-inclusive, fixed hourly rate
  • Personnel who are WHMIS tested and certified
  • Customized service. We listen to our clients and we work with them to seamlessly fit the best personnel into their unique job requirements. We administer our clients’ own specific tests or assessments to our temporary workforce
  • Freedom from the expense, time, and aggravation of advertising, recruiting and testing personnel
  • Convenience and savings that come from dealing with a locally owned company
  • Full time personnel without the burden of employer remittances, T-4’s, records of employment, payroll audits, etc.
  • Fixed hourly rates that offer your company cost certainty in a rapidly changing job market and economy
  • Arms-length relationship with your workforce, as they are Global employees, and the employer burden is ours
  • Flexibility by allowing Global workers to cover short or long-term peaks in your business cycle, without you having to assume these employer obligations
  • Seamless transition from contract to full time, if you choose, with the added benefit of an indefinite probation period
  • Assessment of your requirements to identify your company specific needs
  • Recruitment and selection experience and industry connections to select top candidates
  • Advertising, selection, screening and reference/criminal checks
  • Interview process and candidate evaluation
  • Candidate skills assessment and professional testing procedures
  • Areas of experience include Administrative, Accounting and Finance, Skilled Trades, Human Resources, Call Centre, Sales and Marketing

Global provides a comprehensive managed payroll solution for companies of all sizes. We have been doing this for Canadian companies since 1991!

Pick and choose which functions you want Global to provide and which you want to keep performing yourself. Let us tailor a customized solution for your organization.  

  • An analysis of your requirements by an experienced professional trained in payroll services
  • A substantial reduction in your clerical and administrative payroll burden
  • Global will handle some or all functions relating to payroll calculations, direct deposit or cheque of employees’ pay, source deductions, employer remittances including CRA (income tax, CPP, EI), provincial Employer Health Tax, WSIB premiums, garnishments etc. 
  • T4s, Annual Account Reconciliations T4, EHT, WSIB
  • A seamless outsourcing of your company’s payroll to Global. We provide risk management, accuracy and cost control all while saving you time and resources you can put to better use 
  • Additional services are available, such as administration of Group Benefits and Group RRSPs
  • A dedicated Global representative always available to answer your questions 

Is This Your Hiring Scenario?

Your organization is leaner and meaner than it has ever been, and everything you do is tied closely to profitability. It seems like there are more candidates applying for positions than ever before, and you find yourself drowning in a sea of resumes filled with diverse skills and experiences. Your HR department is a little smaller and everyone’s very busy – and, of course, you have an opening that you need filled yesterday. The cost of hiring, training and then losing a candidate is high and you need to increase your odds of success.

Are you aware that technology exists to help you make the right decisions in a time-efficient manner?

Here’s How To Proceed.

Pre-employment testing and assessments can help.
Global Human Resource Centre Inc. can offer Prove It! ® Internet testing technology that lets you access a wide variety of skills testing. We can test your candidates in such common areas as: clerical, software, technical, call center, customer service, financial, legal, medical, and many more. At our premises or yours, we can offer password protected testing sessions. As our client, you would receive the session ID along with an email that explains the entire process. Then, the candidate would test from any available computer with Internet connection, any time. Finally, scores would be emailed by Global to your test administrator immediately upon test completion, accompanied by a comprehensive report that includes proficiency by skill type, task type, question level and the time it took to answer each question.

Skills Assessments = Peace Of Mind!

Skills assessments provided through Global can be your basic hiring tools. They are an administratively simple, cost-effective way to determine whether or not candidates you are considering hiring truly have the skills they are claiming.